Monday, May 17, 2010

DIY: Housekeeping week 3

Last week went great! I even added a downstairs-cleaning day where the floors got mopped, the kitchen got surface cleaned, the microwave got cleaned, the tables and chairs got a thorough scrub-down, and the entire downstairs got dusted! I did not work on my crafts last week, however. I was too distracted because my husband accepted a job offer! We are very excited since we have been waiting for this for eight months.

Here is this week's checklist. M indicates "finished on Monday", T = "finished on Tuesday", etc.
Daily Tasks: Morning:
Get dressed, including glasses, shoes, hair and make-up M T W T F S
Make bed M T W T F S
Clean bathroom sink, surfaces, toilet, dust and spot-clean M T W T F S
Get girls dressed M T W T F S
Do girls' hair M T W T F
Make girls’ beds M T W T F S
Start a load of laundry M T W T F S
Breakfast for girls and myself M T W T F S
Put away dishes M T W T F S
Wash breakfast dishes M T W T F
Check dinner plan and defrost or crock pot if necessary M T W T F S

Wash lunch dishes M T W T F
Start dinner prep at 4:00, 1:30 if defrosting bread M T T F
Start dishes during dinner prep M T W T F
Fold and put away laundry M T W T F

After Dinner:
Put kids to bed M T W T F
Finish dinner dishes M T W T F
Wipe down kitchen M T W T F
Sweep kitchen floor W
Pick up house M T W T F
Put glasses and keys in purse M T W T F
Charge phone if needed
Put together diaper bag if outing is planned

Bedroom floor picked up M T W T F
Drawers shut and surfaces clutter-free M T W T F

This week's tasks:

Empty trash cans S
Dust M
Clean mirrors M
Scrub around sinks with a toothbrush M
Vacuum T
Purge mail M

Change sheets T
Deep clean this week’s house zone for 15 minutes T
Work for mom T

Work on Tiana doll or G's dress T

Work on Tiana doll or G's dress S

Bake bread F
Clean out purse F
Declutter car S
Wash car if needed S
Finish Tiana doll Worked on other doll

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