Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DIY: Housekeeping week 2

Last week was pretty good. I got the majority of my daily stuff done but let a few minor things slide since the kids were sick. This week I'm fighting the laziness bug and winning so far... we'll see how I've done by the time Friday comes!

Here is this week's checklist. M indicates "finished on Monday", T = "finished on Tuesday", etc.
Daily Tasks: Morning:
Get dressed, including glasses, shoes, hair and make-up M T W T F S S
Make bed M T W T F S S
Clean bathroom sink, surfaces, toilet, dust and spot-clean M T W T F S S
Get girls dressed M T W T F S S
Do girls' hair M W T F S S
Make girls’ beds M T W T F S S
Start a load of laundry M T W T F S
Breakfast for girls and myself M W T F S S
Put away dishes M T W T F S S
Wash breakfast dishes M T W T F S S
Check dinner plan and defrost or crock pot if necessary M T W T F S

Wash lunch dishes M T W T F S S
Start dinner prep at 4:00, 1:30 if defrosting bread M T W T F S
Start dishes during dinner prep M T W T F S
Fold and put away laundry M T W T F S

After Dinner:
Put kids to bed M T W T F S
Finish dinner dishes M T W T F S
Wipe down kitchen M T W T F S
Sweep kitchen floor T F
Pick up house M T W T F S
Put glasses and keys in purse M T W T F S S
Charge phone if needed F
Put together diaper bag if outing is planned S

Bedroom floor picked up M T W T F S S
Drawers shut and surfaces clutter-free M T W T F S

This week's tasks:

Empty trash cans M
Dust M
Clean mirrors M
Purge mail M
Finish Oliver clothes M

Change sheets T
Deep clean this week’s house zone for 15 minutes T
Work for mom T
Doll photo session and ship T

Meal plan W
Make grocery list W
Henry's Market for produce W
Work on Tiana doll

Stater's grocery shopping T
Asian market shopping
Work on Tiana doll

Clean out purse
Declutter car T
Wash car if needed
Work on Ginny's dress

Work on G's dress
Family over for G's birthday S

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