Monday, February 1, 2010

A quick peek into my workshop

While I prefer making one doll beginning-to-end, more often than not I find myself making dolls in batches to save time. The current line up is planned as follows:

-light-skinned 12" boy with blue eyes and brown hair, probably a little country boy or cowboy with overalls and a straw hat

-light-skinned 12" Asian girl with kimono or similar clothes

-tan-skinned 15" cowgirl with brown hair and eyes

-light-skinned 15" red head with green eyes and fairy wings

So look for them in the next few weeks in my shop! Of course, they might change slightly as I go, but that's the current plan!

I'm simultaneously making a 17 1/2 - 18 inch doll for my daughter's birthday next month. I have never made one quite this large and am having fun putting her together!

Here is the line-up getting their legs sewn on:
All of my dolls come with their bodies and heads reinforced with a second layer of high-quality 100% cotton interlock, hence the white fabric on top... it will layer their insides when flipped properly.

So there you have it... a small peek into my doll-making world!

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  1. Look at all those cute little feeties playing peek-a-boo!