Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paper doll chains

This is a fun and easy craft for elementary-aged kids! Using a folded piece of paper, make a chain of dolls (or fairies, princesses, people, gingerbread men, etc.) to decorate! Your kids will love seeing their shapes unfold all holding onto the hand of the doll/fairy/person next to them!

You will need:

Craft supplies to decorate with, for example:
Crayons, pens, markers, colored pencils, etc.
Aluminum foil
Colored paper pieces
Glitter glue
Bits of fabric

Start by folding your paper in half the long way. Then fold it twice in the other direction. It helps your design to lay flat if you make these folds accordion-style. Next trace the outline of the shape you will cut out on the top section of your paper just like you were drawing on the front of a homemade card. Make sure that the hands extend to both sides of rectangle. I have created a couple of ideas for shapes here... the first can be used as a princess or a wizard and the second as a ballerina or a fairy. Once your design is drawn, cut it out through all the layers EXCEPT for the hands. Those need to remain attached on both sides for the chain effect to work. When you unfold them you will have two separate chains of dolls. You may use them separately, or tape them together. Depending on how you choose to decorate, you may wish to tape them together after they are decorated, or temporarily just from the backside.

Now use your imagination and supplies to create 8 different versions of your shape! You can use fabric bits to create clothes, yarn pieces for hair or beards, colored paper for wings, aluminum foil to look like metal pieces or add shine, cut faces or hands out of magazines for your people, glue some ribbon to your princess' pointy hat... you name it! Get creative and have fun!

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