Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The last couple of weeks

I have been a bit distracted from my blog upkeep for the last couple of weeks. For one, I had my 4-year-old's birthday gift and party to plan and work on. For another, we decided it was time to visit family out-of-state, so we have been busy planning for that. Also, I've been trying to finish up a few of the many projects I have been working on. It has been largely a success!

Hannah's birthday gift (to be showcased on here soon) was finished the evening of her birthday, so she was able to open it after dinner. This is the tradition gift-opening time in our family, so I wasn't running
that late. Her birthday party went over well. The festivities included craft time (of course!), homemade pizza for lunch, and lastly, a fairy hunt where each girl followed a long twisty, tangled trail of yarn to her very own waldorf fairy styled to look like the little girl who found her! Oh, and how could I forget the fairytale castle ice cream cake?

Our travel plans would normally be straight-forward since we have made this trip many times, but this particular time I had to come up with winter wear for the girls which included trips to thrift stores, Children's Place winter clearance ($1 for a pair of knit, fleece-lined mittens in toddler sizes!), and unearthing stuff in our own stores that haven't been touched in months. I also had to labor over which disposable diapers to bring since we can't check luggage this time and therefore don't have room for a huge cloth diaper stash. This is a quite confusing task for a cloth-diapering mom, actually. Do I really have to spend $15 for a week's worth of diapers? How do I know they'll work? Do I get the expensive ones in case the cheap ones leak, or is that a silly waste of money? And most importantly, how am I supposed to keep her pants on with no cloth to hold it up? ...This is a legitimate concern. My children have no butts but are heavy wetters, so at this age, the waist bands are let out to accommodate for huge diapers. Without that, their pants fall to their ankles. But, without too much grief, I have purchased diapers for the first few days of the trip. Next, how to pack for a lengthy trip when we can't check any luggage? Thankfully we'll be staying with our friends who have three kids around my girls' age, but it is a daunting task nonetheless. Then came the biggest problem by far... my husband found out he needed to be home during one of the trip days! We managed to shuffle meetings and flights and now I am taking one daughter and my husband is following a day later with the other. Phew. Nothing insurmountable, but still time consuming.

In the rest of my time, I have been trying to finish up some of my mostly-completed projects. Just tonight I finished the slippers that I posted about a couple of weeks ago, I am a mere ten rows + decreases from finishing my cabled hat, and this morning I stitched the wig onto my little cowgirl waldorf doll, Tiana. I will try to get pictures posted of my projects as they finish.

But here's something to get started with: a picture of the birthday party after the little fairies were found!

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